May 24, 2018

Spots2 Recharge

Phone or car almost out of juice and need a recharge?

Spots2 Recharge will help you find places to recharge your phone or car that have been reported to us by our users!

It’s pretty simple… Just open up the app and you’ll find Spots2 Recharge near you. Spots are added to our repository and verified by our user community.

So how does it work?

– User finds a Spots2 location to recharge.
– User signs up for Spots2 and verifies their account.
– User shares the location, adding a short description / picture.
– Other Users verify that the location is accurate.
– Users can now find the location to recharge in the Spot2 Recharge app!

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We want to hear from you! Tell us your ideas to help improve Spots2 Recharge! Please consider contacting us before leaving any negative feedback. You can reach out to us at with your comments, concerns, suggestions, or any problems. We will address your inquiry as soon as possible!